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Artistic Statement

Stage managers help smoothing out the rehearsal process of a show, while creating an environment that makes the actors and production team feel comfortable enough to express themselves and their ideas. It is because of my diverse background and personality that I strive to bring my unique set of qualities to my work as a stage manager with enthusiasm and dedication. I am a natural caretaker and I am passionate about creating a supportive and nurturing environment for everyone involved in the production. I believe that respect is the foundation of any successful creative process and I strive to bring that quality to everything I do. To me, the relationships we build in the theater are just as important as the work we create. And I believe that the process of bringing a production to life needs to be just as valued as the final product of our work. I aspire to create a space where everyone feels valued and supported, and where their needs and concerns are heard and addressed. I am a detail-oriented and meticulous planner, and I believe that careful preparation and organization is key to the success of a production. I am committed to ensuring that every aspect of a production is handled with care and precision. I am determined to find a way around every obstacle and committed to forming creative solutions to complex challenges and  dedicated to always improving my craft. I am in love with this form of art, and this passion fuels my commitment and enthusiasm. Ultimately, my goal is to help create shows that are not only entertaining and artistically successful but also emotionally rewarding for everyone involved.

- Elisa Longhini Xavier

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